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Harbourfront Shared Space

Harbourfront Shared Space

What is Harbourfront Shared Space (HSS)?

The Development Bureau and Harbourfront Commission have been striving to take forward harbourfront enhancement initiatives. In addition to connecting both sides of Victoria Harbour and introducing plentiful hardware installations while providing more flexible software support to create an exciting and diverse harbourfront environment, the Development Bureau and Harbourfront Commission have also been exploring suitable designs and management modes for our harbourfront in recent years, with a view to creating a new brand of “Harbourfront Shared Space”.

The “Harbourfront Shared Space” is an open management mode of public spaces. This “vision-driven” approach aims to allow the public to unleash their creativity and enjoy the harbourfront spaces in their own ways harmoniously with mutual respect, contributing to a more vibrant and diverse experience for visitors. Contrary to traditional parks, the “Harbourfront Shared Space” attempts to break from existing restrictions and limitations and encourage visitors to enjoy the harbourfront space with mutual respect and acceptance. In this space, visitors can freely enjoy themselves every moment in their own ways: jogging, sitting, and even strolling with their pets and cycling.

The design of the “Harbourfront Shared Space” is also innovative. Compared to fixed play facilities and seating, quite a number of facilities and installations in “Harbourfront Shared Space” are mobile, such as the cargo pallets, seating of different designs, rocking chairs and “pop-up” decorations and play equipment. Visitors may let their imagination guide them, and create a space of their own, which helps enhance the sense of belonging of the public to the harbourfront. Moreover, “pop-up” elements are introduced at each “Harbourfront Shared Space” site from time to time to provide new experience for visitors on every visit. This also makes each section of the harbourfront stand out with their own characteristics, suiting it to different parts of the population.

The Belcher Bay Promenade, opened in 2020, is the first testing ground of public acceptance of the new “Harbourfront Shared Space” management mode and facilities. According to the “Study on the New Mode of Design and Management at the Belcher Bay Harbourfront Open Space” conducted in early 2021, over 90% of some 600 interviewees were satisfied with the site. The positive results have shown that most visitors welcome public spaces with more open and responsive management.

The experience of the Belcher Bay Promenade has facilitated the Development Bureau and Harbourfront Commission in the continuation and exploration of the implementation of the “Harbourfront Shared Space”. Following the Belcher Bay Promenade, the concept of “Harbourfront Shared Space” has been extended to four other sites, including the HarbourChill located next to the Wan Chai Ferry Pier, the Water Sports and Recreation Precinct in Wan Chai, the breakwater at East Coast Park Precinct in North Point and the Tsuen Wan Promenade.

The Development Bureau and Harbourfront Commission will continue to extend the implementation of this open management mode to suitable harbourfront projects, building a more attractive and vibrant harbourfront for the public.

Harbourfront Shared Space Sites

New Event -

- Pop-up Installations and Event for Easter (2024)

Past Events -

- “New Dimensions of the Harbourfront • Embracing the Palettes of Life” Pop-up Installations to Celebrate the Year of the Dragon (2024)

- “Harbourfront is One and All”
[Christmas Railway Journey by The Harbour] Pop Up Installations and Events (2023)

- New Attitude to Life ‧ New Dimensions of the Harbourfront” Pop Up Installations and Events (2023)

- Pop Up Easter Events at six Harbourfront Shared Spaces (2023)

- “Fantastic 6@Victoria Harbourfront”
Pop Up Chinese New Year Installations (2023)

- “Harbourfront is One and All” Pop Up Events (2022)

- Pop Up Installations for Mid-Autumn Festival (2022)

- “Summer ‧ Harbour” Activities at six Harbourfront Sites (2022)

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