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Belcher Bay Promenade, Kennedy Town

Belcher Bay Promenade, Kennedy Town

The Belcher Bay Promenade, located at Shing Sai Road, Kennedy Town, is the first fully completed project under the “incremental approach” by the current Harbourfront Commission. Construction of the Belcher Bay Promenade commenced in the second half of 2018. Traditionally, the promenade should be open to the public only when it is fully completed in 21 months. That said, having regard to keen public expectation in getting close to the Harbour, the Government strived to first complete and open the 5-metre boardwalk in the first quarter of 2019, allowing the public to enjoy the boardwalk 19 months ahead of the original schedule. The promenade was subsequently fully opened in October 2020.

The project consists of a promenade and an adjacent open space, formerly a public cargo working area. It covers an area of about 5 900 square metres. The promenade is built with a boardwalk of 172 metres in length, providing the public with a round-the-clock leisure space for enjoying a panoramic view of the western waters of Victoria Harbour and the sunset. This project embodies multiple goals such as making good use of vacant harbourfront sites, implementation of an “incremental approach”, introduction of multiple harbourfront experiences, as well as open site management.

The open space provides plenty facilities which allow the public to enjoy the harbourfront in a more comfortable manner, including sheltered seating, play facilities, beverage vending machines, landscaping, toilets, etc. One of the special features of the site is the multipurpose space located at the centre, where benches are provided on the activity platform for resting and eating. Mobile cargo pallets are also provided within the site, allowing members of the public to enjoy the space in a versatile manner according to their imagination, be it a children's playground or a performance stage.

Another special feature of the open space is that pet owners can bring their pets under leash and enjoy the facilities there together, or let their pets play freely inside the pet corner available within the site. To promote environmental friendliness, the Harbour Office has collaborated with Greeners Action to provide a Tetra Pak recycling bin for visitors to deposit their beverage cartons. Previously, the Harbour Office and the Harbourfront Commission also collaborated with local tour specialist “Walk in Hong Kong” to organise a series of online programmes, which allowed members of the public to learn more about this harbourfront site and its neighbourhood.

The hinterland side of the open space covering an area of about 2 000 square metres has been allocated to a non-governmental organisation, K-Farm, for operating an open community garden. It is the first urban leisure farm in Hong Kong that combines hydroponics, aquaponics and organic farming. Facilities in the first phase of the garden include outdoor classrooms, a multipurpose area and farming racks. Under the “Jockey Club Farm to Care Community Farming Project”, the general public can learn about different farming knowledge and technologies through guided tours, taught programs and farming activities and can also enjoy the open, relaxing and beautiful environment in the farm with families and friends. Please refer to for details.


The Belcher Bay Promenade is located at Shing Sai Road, Kennedy Town. The public can walk from Exit C of the Kennedy Town MTR Station to the harbourfront in about six minutes (see Map)

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