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Harbourfront Commission

Terms of Reference

The Harbourfront Commission is set up to -

  1. play an advocacy, oversight and pro-active advisory role in the envisioning, planning, urban design, development, marketing, branding, management and operation of the harbourfront areas, their adjacent waters within the harbour limit and associated facilities on a continuous and ongoing basis;
  2. coordinate and monitor harbourfront planning, urban design, development and management to ensure effective integration of these major aspects;
  3. foster and encourage the development, management and maintenance of the harbourfront areas and their adjacent waters within the harbour limit in the best interest of the public by the government and/or through a wide range of contractual entrustment/partnership with the private sector (including the community, social enterprises and non-governmental organisations);
  4. provide advice and guidance to the community and stakeholders including the Harbour Office, government departments, project proponents and others as needed in taking forward harbourfront development initiatives; and
  5. lead relevant studies commissioned by the Harbour Office on behalf of the Commission, including providing advice on the preparation of briefs/scope of work, assessment criteria for selecting consultants, evaluation of the study process and outcomes, and the recommendations.

Map of Harbourfront Areas

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